Friday, 24 February 2012

What Is Modern Pendant Lighting?

When it comes to choosing lighting for your home, a lot of people tend to opt for some of the latest trends in design to ensure that their property is up to date and looks fantastic. For this reason, the popularity of modern pendant lighting is on the rise – but, if you’re in the market for lighting solutions, do you have any idea of what this refers to?

Essentially, pendant fixtures refer to any fixture that is suspended from the ceiling with a cord, chain or metal rod. The cord can be adjusted so that your light hangs at an appropriate level for your space. Pendant lighting can be used as a single globe or they can be grouped together and hung at varying lengths (an odd number of fixtures tends to be more aesthetically pleasing than an even number).

Modern pendant lighting tends to be very focused on saving energy and being environmentally friendly. This is why you will now find low voltage models and some that use halogen or fluorescent bulbs. Pendants are often used for ambience, but excel in the role of task lighting, as it throws light downwards with little to no shadow.

If you are looking for modern pendant lighting for your home or business you are in luck – there are plenty of different styles and materials on offer, meaning you are sure to find one to match your d├ęcor. Some of the popular pendant fixture materials include: metal, glass, plastic, acrylic, crystal, fabric and even paper. A designer lighting specialist will be able to help you choose which pendant option is best for your needs.

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