Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Trends In Exterior Lighting

Gone are the days when the only feature in our backyard was that lawn setting or the birdbath we bought twenty years ago. Today, exterior lighting features hugely in turning our yards into oases of entertainment and play areas, helping to increase the amount of time that we can use our outdoor space.


Also known as area lights, this form of exterior lighting is used to light walkways, as well as to highlight nearby flowerbeds and shrubs. It illuminates in a soft, circular pattern.


These forms of outdoor lighting are generally mounted to the outside wall of the home, or even on the railing around the deck or patio. Like path lights, they illuminate in a soft, horizontal direction and reduce the glare that other types are known to give off.


Also known as accent lights, this form of exterior lighting is commonly used to highlight trees, statues and other clever or creative architectural features. They use beams of illumination that can be directed wherever you please.


These forms of outdoor lighting are generally found in masonry or wood constructions, and are used to add a sense of safety and security to people using their decks or steps at night.

Ultimately, the purpose of exterior lighting is to tie together the relationship between our homes and our surrounding landscape. This is why the emerging trends are focused on bringing the indoors outdoors, without neglecting that security is also important. If you want to increase the amount of time your family uses your outdoor spaces, check out some of the above illumination solutions.

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