Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Types of Ceiling Light that Can add Interest to Your House

Gone are those when ceiling lights were just a primary source of lighting a room. Today, the meaning of lighting house has changed as a whole. They are now a great way to set a mood, develop an attractive ambience and create a statement. Ceiling lights are available in endless and varieties and styles to fit individual choice. Some of the styles of ceiling fixtures you can find are…
Chandeliers: You can find these fixtures with five, six, eight and even more bulb fitting options. Basically they meant for living rooms and halls where you want to create a lively ambience. For smaller living rooms chandeliers with minimal light bulbs is appropriate and for larger rooms choice is all yours, either go for larger chandeliers or multiple small chandeliers.
Pendants: Pendant lights consist of single light bulb hanging from a wall through chain or designer rods. They are perfect option for bar or counters. However, they look awesome if used in living room corners to create a separate tiny and cozy seating arraignment.
Billiard lights: Billiard lights are not just for billiard boards, use them right over a dining table and create an interest. They are mainly comprised of more than two light bulbs in a row. They illuminate the table area and draw the focus all towards the table. Even when not use they look fabulous due to their design.
Flush mount: For a small bedroom flush mount is an ideal choice for perfect focal point and use as primary lighting. The major feature of this ceiling light is that they emit mild brightness and don’t stress your eyes. Apart from

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

How to Use Energy Saving Lights for Security Lighting

If you want to save energy and cut high electric bill for security lighting then energy saving lighting is the best option available today. These lights consume less energy, produce more brightness and reduce bill. There are various energy saving lights you can opt for, but none of them come cheaper, no matter whether you choose CFL bulbs, led bulb, or halogen bulbs. They all cost more than filament bulbs and life time is uncertain if current is fluctuating. Hence, even you are using these lights to save energy or bill, make sure you are cleaver enough to use them in the best possible way, especially when you are using it for security lighting. Here is how you can do it.
  • Install overhead security lightings that are properly shielded. Shielding them will increase their brightness by concentrating the light despite of lower wattage. It will blend the brightness evenly and hence will prevent your lawn look like a stadium at night.
  • Avoid using more bulbs than you actually need. Using more bulbs to gain excessive brightness will create discomfort to the eye hence will hamper visibility. Again don’t forget to get shield for the lights.
  • If you want to leave your security light on overnight then install a motion sensor. This will allow bulbs to illuminate get on only when any motion is sensed and will get switched off automatically once movement stops.
  • Also use timer or photovoltaic cell unit for walkway, security and porch lighting, so that lights will be turned on when it gets dark and then off automatically in the morning.
  • Install security lights to the place where they can illuminate maximum area.
Using these tips, you can surely make maximum and better use of energy saving lightings.
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