Thursday, 28 February 2013

How To Turn Off An Outdoor Light’s Motion Sensor

The biggest complaint of many homeowners is that their outdoor light’s motion sensor is too sensitive – even a strong breeze is able to set it off in the middle of the night. Most manufacturers will have installed a function that enables them to turn off the sensor, whereas others will require you to completely remove it from the fixture in order to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

“Off” Switch
Step 1: Stand on a ladder to access lights that are out of your reach.

Step 2: Look for the motion sensor operation switch (it should be located below the sensor attachment). If you cannot visually find the switch, use your hand to feel around the perimeter of the light.

Step 3: Turn the switch to the “off” position. If your motion sensor doesn’t have an “on/off” function, you will need to remove the whole sensor.

Sensor Removal
Step 1: Switch off the power supply to the outdoor lights you are working on.

Step 2: Undo the sensor’s lock nut (it should be located behind the cylindrical shaft connecting the sensor to the light). Slip-joint pliers will help you to grip, twist and loosen the nut.

Step 3: Undo the wire nuts that connect the sensor to the fixture, remove the wires and take the sensor off.

After making the decision to turn your motion sensor off or to completely remove it from the offending fixture, you must keep in mind that your outdoor lights will now be manually operated. Whilst you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night due to a breeze or one of your pets, you won’t be able to see when you get home in the dark.
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