Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Choosing A Modern Chandelier For A Bedroom

Many people would love to hang a modern chandelier in their bedroom to create a sophisticated and elegant feel in the room, but aren’t sure whether this type of fixture is the best option for task lighting. Chandeliers actually work great as tasking lighting, especially if they are hung beside a bed (as a bedside lamp) or over the dressing area. But how do you choose one for your particular bedroom?

Look at your bedroom and try to determine what the style or the theme of the space is. There is generally a modern chandelier to suit every décor, but you wouldn’t use a streamlined metallic one if your room had beach or Parisian influences, would you? It is all about choosing a chandelier to match the modern décor used in the rest of your bedroom.

You should also look at the various materials used in your bedroom and try to choose a chandelier that uses similar elements. Do you have brushed nickel pieces in your room, or is wrought iron more the style you have gone for? If you have a lot of decorative elements (such as a beaded doorway) you could even choose a modern chandelier that is hung with similar beads.

Next, you will need to determine how much lighting your bedroom actually needs. If you plan to use your chandelier as the main source of light, it will need to be of a larger size with open bulbs. If you plan to use your modern chandelier for ambience or to highlight a feature of the room, a shaded fixture will be suitable.

Finally, when it comes to hanging your modern chandelier, you will need to ensure that there is plenty of space to walk underneath it and that it effectively lights up the space that you need it to. Often, the lighting company that you’re buying from can help you determine chandelier height on a case-by-case basis.


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