Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How To Space External Wall Lights

These days, wall lights are not only a popular addition for the interiors of our homes – they can be used to make a statement or illuminate a safe walkway on the exterior of our homes, too. As these lights tend to be focused in a downward direction, however, how should they be spaced on the wall to ensure that they provide adequate illumination?

First, you will need to determine where you intend to install wall fixtures around the outside of your home – do you want to illuminate a driveway or pathway; do you want to showcase a feature of your yard; or do you want to create a soft ambience to relax outdoors to?

If you are hanging wall lights outside in order to provide safety (such as illuminating a pathway), they should be mounted very close to the roof, as this will allow them to light up a much larger area. In these scenarios, you should also use floodlight globes over the softer ones that wall fixtures are normally fitted with.

If you are hanging wall fixtures outside to showcase a feature of your yard (such as a swimming pool or sculpture) or to create a peaceful outdoor ambience, they should be mounted much lower to the ground. The general rule of thumb is that the fixtures should be hung at about one-third of the height of the nearest door.

As you can see, wall lights no longer just have a place inside our homes – they can be used outside, too, if you want to create a safe or ambient atmosphere for your family and visitors to your home. By hanging the lights at appropriate spacing’s, you can ensure the best effect possible.

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