Friday, 9 March 2012

Choosing Designer Pendant Lights

When choosing designer pendant lights for installation in your home, there is much more that you need to take into consideration than how attractive the piece is and how well it matches in with your d├ęcor. You need to look at the why you are looking at installing a pendant fixture, as this will play a huge role in the type of fixture you ultimately choose.

Task Lighting
This is what most pendant lights are installed for – illuminating an area where activity and tasks frequently occur, such as over a kitchen counter or a work desk. Designer pendants, however, offer the ability to clearly illuminate the area in which you need to work without offering distraction or hindrance.

Decorative Lighting
Designer pendant lights are currently at the forefront of the latest ‘fashion’ for home interiors. Pendant fixtures are available in a wide range styles and designs, from fixtures that take on the appearance of a flower to ones that are crafted from sea grass. If you do not care about the amount of illumination your pendant produces, opting for decorative fixtures is fine.

Ambient Lighting
This is not an overly common reason for pendant lights to be installed in a home, but it is true that many people use designer pendants for creating an ambience in a given room. By adding a dimmer switch, you can increase or decrease the amount of illumination that your fixture produces without touching the light itself or requiring the installation of additional ones.

The first step in choosing designer pendant lights for your home is to decide why you need them – for task lighting, decoration or ambience. Once you have made this decision, you can begin to look at fixtures that are specifically designed for this use.

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